I'm not in a bad mood - I have endometriosis!

I have noticed many times that in case of endometriosis-related problems, I am more approached to my mood than asked about my state of health. To be fair, I have to admit that people don't always get it from the outside when you experience a pain attack or a wave of nausea. In most cases I just become very quiet. And that is interpreted as a bad mood.

So I got into the habit of saying from the beginning: "Attention, if I am rather silent today, it is because I am not well, and NOT because of my mood".

On the gallow with the humor!

That actually has nothing to do with the mood. Good - my mood will gradually be affected, but after so many years of endometriosis I can actually separate it. From time to time I even manage to be in a good mood despite the pain - albeit at a lower intensity. That expresses itself then in a kind of gallows humor.

That's why it bothers me, even hurts me when people tell me I'm not in a good mood. Or to put it another way:

I am not a buzz kill - I just don´t feel well!

Meant well but mean: cheering up

Unfortunately, I have had to make the following observation so far: The quieter I become during an endo-attack, the more talkative my counterpart becomes. It is only well meant, and I appreciate it at the bottom of my heart. Probably it's a kind of reflex - wanting to cheer up. BUT ... I explain it with the following picture:

Imagine a delivery room. A woman giving birth has being in the worst labour for 10 hours since the introduction of sexual reproduction. Sweat beads run out of her pores, she is desperate. And now a serious question: Would you tell this woman a joke to cheer her up?

The stupid thing about cheering her up is that you want to acknowledge it - with a smile, with the participation in the conversation or other things, which demand soooo much energy at that moment and cost you overcoming. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Dear relatives, partners and friends of those affected:

Please don't take it personally in such moments!!

10 sentences I don´t want to hear during an endometriosis attack

Aren't you in a good mood today?
You are so pale, aren't you feeling well?

You MUST eat something!
Do YOU go with the dog?
Don't look so unhappy!
Are you going back to work tomorrow?
You are not supposed to eat chocolate!
Maybe you should have continued to take the hormones.
We walk!

10 things I need during an endometriosis attack

    hot-water bottle