Travelling with Endometriosis

"Don't let this disease control you too much!" - My best friend's advice. She meant well. But easier said than done! Maybe this works for diseases that you don't only can't see, but also don't always feel - like, no idea, fish allergy or mobile phone thumbs.


But depending on how severely this disease has caught you, you can ALWAYS feel it - if not as pain, then as exhaustion or general infectious susceptibility - because constitution and immune system are captured by the moving express train of endometriosis and your body has been dragged along for miles.


For me, endometriosis is like a filter through which one feels and thinks everything. There's nothing I could do, it's just there and makes me bounce against my limits every day - in all areas of my life. The Endo doesn't make holidays - not even during the holidays.

Please, not Timbuktu!

If you know and feel that the endo is growing and have perhaps already experienced that as a result an organ can fail, then you do not travel voluntarily to the remotest region of an exotic country, where you light a fire and spit 3 times over each other´s shoulders for treating gaping wounds. In other words: For me, some destinations are off the list from the beginning.

A good travel destination for me must have a solid infrastructure. As others inform themselves about day tours and the weather I look at the distance between hotel and the nearest hospital. Just in case.

Trekking, Hiking, Suitcase Dragging

But it is not only the list of destinations that has been cut down, but also the list of holiday activities. This starts with very unusual things like carrying suitcases. I already get a stomachache when I carry a full shopper across my shoulder. I think travelling alone is a real challenge for many endometriosis patients.

As an endometriosis patient, you don't need an offer of extreme sports on site. Forget about climbing, kitesurfing or or Bungeejumping. A simple bicycle tour at the height of the pain is already extreme enough.

The bad conscience travels with you

I don't mind not travelling to the remotest parts of the world. I don't have to cross the Sahara or climb Mount Everest. (When I think back to my former biology teacher, I have already met the Yeti anyway.)

Nevertheless, the guilty conscience hides in the luggage. Such a holiday lasts for a limited time, in which you try to make something special out of every day. And when there are days you feel not so well, you are afraid to spoil it for your partner. With endometriosis, this occurs often enough in everyday life. On holiday it is much more concentrated.

Travelling into the cosmos of small things

Endometriosis determines my holiday destinations, but not my perspective! There are so many beautiful things you can do instead of a Himalayan expedition. I'd rather read a book, take pictures or go for a walk on the beach.

I am not stuffy, I am not boring - I am an endometriosis patient who knows that all these things are not for granted, and if not extreme, they are extremely beautiful! It doesn't matter if the beach is in Thailand, Indonesia or Norddeich Mole. Different than the travel agents would have us believe: Wether you have nice holidays does not depend on the destination!