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7. Kathleen King, Irelnd. The challenges of advocacy and independent research
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 02. May 2023
Kathleen King is the former chair of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland, former member of the World Endometriosis Organisations steering committee and member of the ESHRE Endometriosis Guidelines Review group. She works as a Medical Scientist, doing independent research on alternative ways of diagnosing and treating Endometriosis.

6. Kellie & Mike Baker, USA. Life as an Endo Dad & Endo Husband
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 27. March 2023
In this episode, I talk to Kellie and Mike about a family life impacted by Endometriosis of wife and daughter. They told me about their advocacy and Mike´s project on Instagram where he supports endo patients all over the world with images that spend strenght and hope.

5. Alexandra Mitchell, Australia. Invisible Iconic & #changetheguidelines
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 10. March 2023
Alex is host of the Invisible Iconic Podcast ( @invisibleiconic ) where she has been debunking myths and misconceptions about Endometriosis. She is involved in the #changetheguidelines movement in Australia, critically examining the Australien Endometriosis Guidelines. In this episode, we talk about her own Endo story and crucial points in the guidelines that every Endometriosis patient should be concerned about.

4. Tanisha Simpson, New York. Whole Body Disease, Long-Term Side Effects & Self Help in Endoville
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 10. January 2023
I talked to Tanisha (Tee), Founder and Director of Endoville in New York. Her Endometriosis Story made me speechless. What an amazing women ! Her story shows that disease and drugs can be dangerous alike and it shows that gaslighting and discrimination are reality for endometriosis sufferers to this day.

3. Dr. Wendy Bingham, USA. Endometriosis, Heart Attacks and National Strategies
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 18. November 2022
Dr. Bingham, founder of extrapelvicnotrare.org, explains why endometriosis shoukd not be left behind in the body. SHe talks about concerns about national strategies for endometriosis and tells me about a very interesting andometriosis case that deservs more attention.

2. Dr. Wendy Bingham, USA. Endometriosis, Endometrium and outdated Medical Textbooks
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 24. October 2022
Dr. Bingham, founder of extrapelvicnotrare.org, talk about the reason why it is important not to mix up endometriosis with the endometrium and why it has taken so long for endometriosis to find it's way into the medical textbooks.

1. Dr. Wendy Bingham, USA . The Problem with Sampson
Endo Worldwide EN/DE · 09. October 2022
Dr. Bingham, founder of extrapelvicnotrare.org, tells me about her journey with pulmonary endometriosis, why it's important to talk about extrapelvic endometriosis, and why Sampson (theory of retrograde menstruation causing endometriosis) was probably wrong.